Nipper Programme


The RBSLSC runs a great Nipper programme during the summer holidays for children aged 5 to 14*.  Sessions are held every day except public holidays and some weekends.  The season starts on 29th December and ends after Wellington Anniversary weekend. 

Nippers is a fun introduction to surf skills and water safety for children.  At Riversdale Beach we have a team of trained Nipper coaches and lifeguards that run the sessions.  Apart from being a great introduction to surf lifesaving, it is a great way for children to meet others and to build their confidence.

Children are encouraged to take part in the annual Nipper carnival which is usually held on Wellington Anniversary weekend.  They will be taught the skills required for this during the Nipper sessions such as beach flags and board skills.

Details for 2021/2022

Our Nipper programme is subject to the RBSLSC COVID-19 Policy.  Please take time to read this.  You can find a copy by clicking here.


Nippers will be held on the following days;

  • Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st December 2021
  • Wednesday 5th January to Saturday 8th January 2022
  • Monday 10th January to Friday 14th January 2022
  • Monday 17th January to Friday 21st January 2022

Our coaches this season are;

  • Head coach: Sienna McGuinness
  • Team leaders: Jack Ritchie, Tom Pou, Ruba Carruthers
  • Nipper coaches: Bella Betham, Hamish Thomson, Lauren Gordon-Crosby, Bryer Clark, Ruby Ritchie, Hestor Radford
  • Volunteer coaches: Millie Devine, Sydney Devine, Ashton Thompson

Our Nipper programme has become very popular, so this year there are some changes to ensure that all Nippers and Nipper coaches remain safe.

There will now be four age groups;

  • Nippers - School year 1 and 2 - 9.00am to 10.00am
  • Nippers - School year 3 and 4 - 10.00am to 11.00am
  • Nippers - School year 5 and 6 - 11.30am to 12.30pm
  • Cadets - School year 7, 8 and 9 - 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Registrations will open online from 1 December. Please ensure that you login to the website and register ahead of time.  Keep an eye out for our email notifying you that registrations are open.

Our team of volunteers will be available at the clubhouse on 28th December from 10.30am to 12.00pm to provide assistance with last minute enquiries or to pick up rash tops that you ordered online.  

Our club administrator Hannah Pou will also be available at the club on weekdays from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

This year you can choose to register for the full season or selected weeks. The fees are as follows;

  • Weekly registration - $30 per child/per week
  • Full season - $60 per child


Thank you to Gazley's for supporting our Nipper programme.